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Accusing Someone and Blaming Someone

Of course everyone has been blaming or accusing someone, right? so, from that picture we can conclude  that the expression of accusing or blaming someone is just like that. I will give you some materials about accusing and blaming someone. Let's see next explanation x0xo

Accusing (menuduh)
Accusing is an expression when someone said that person did something wrong although she/he doesn’t know the truth, like stealing.
Say that somebody has done wrong or broken the law: She accused me of theft.

Expressing Accusing


It must have been you who did it

I think you're the only person who could have done it
You must be doing something wrong
You must be the doer
I’m sorry. It’s my fault
Sorry for my fault
I’m sorry for the things. I’ve donne
It’s my responsibility. I’m sorry

Blaming ( menyalahkan )

Blaming is an expression when someone said that person did a mistake that should be her/his responsibility, like choosing wrong way.

Blaming is an expression that is used to say on somebody the responsibility for something done (badly or wrongly) or not done: He blamed his teacher for his failure.

Blaming is finding fault: if you don’t do the work well, you will incur.

Expressing Blaming


It was your fault

You are the one to blame

Serves you right
You are to blame for  steel my …


Ø  I’m sorry. It’s my fault
Ø  Sorry for my fault
Ø  I’m sorry for the things. I’ve donne
Ø  It’s my responsibility. I’m sorry

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